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Hand Built Violin By Jennifer Becker or iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus the choice is easy!


Today as we jump into fall a whole new line of I-Products is launched. They at best will last a year before they are replaced but a hand built violin by Jennifer Becker will last a lifetime and beyond for generations!

Are you can see in the above video we love helping new learners with their first instrument as well as people of every level!

We are currently accepting orders for custom Jennifer Becker hand built Violins!

Currently in the shop is a new selection of Violins, Bows, Cello’s and instrument bags. We would love to help you with any of these in person.


We have also added a new facebook group for Jennifer Becker customers to build the community and discuss/ share your events and what you are up to.


Please stop in to the shop and see us. We have lots of new inventory every week and love helping with repairs of all shapes and sizes!

To see themĀ orĀ  make an appointment by calling us at: 612-508-5739.

All Marketing and Media produced by Gabriel Skelly and Skelly Video Production skellygabe@gmail.com