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Bows and Humidity and Cases oh My

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. A hard frost could be hitting Minnesota in the next 2 weeks. Which makes it a perfect time to pay attention to your instrument and gear!


Did you know that we supply many lines of violin, viola, and cello cases? We also offer used cases and can help you find the perfect protection for your instrument.


We currently have a large selection of bows in stock ranging from beginners for $100 – professionals at $10,000 and up. We can have a bow custom made for you or we can repair and re-hair your current bow!


This Month we are offering 10% the purchase of new strings for your instrument with a bow / case purchase or bow re-hair.


We also want to bring your attention to humidity. Please watch Jennifer as she discusses the effect of humidity change on your instrument.

Fall humidity effect on wood

Posted by Jennifer Becker Violins on Friday, September 29, 2017


We have also added a new facebook group for Jennifer Becker customers to build the community and discuss/ share your events and what you are up to.


Please stop in to the shop and see us. We have lots of new inventory every week and love helping with repairs of all shapes and sizes!

To see them or  make an appointment by calling us at: 612-508-5739.

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Summer Fun at the Cabin and Building with Family

Jennifer just finished up the season with the Golden Valley Orchestra. The final concert was outside at Brookview golf course and was attended by a large audience and live streamed all over the world.  The orchestra played a piece that Alya wrote for Jennifer as a mothers day present! It was wonderful and everyone loved it. We will share that piece in a video post later.

As we move into summer and school vacations we move to thoughts of lakes and cabins with family. The Becker family has a strong tradition of going to the family lake site on Pickerel lake in Wisconsin. The lake has long been a place of rest, relaxation, bonding and building for the family. Many times violins and new ideas were shared around the campfire, out fishing in the boat or over the lake side work bench at Pickerel.

We continue this tradition and will be at the lake this summer with family and friends. Nothing is better than music around a summer campfire while eating a dinner of fresh caught fish from the lake. The Becker family loves making music with nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

Did you know that everyone you interact with at Jennifer Becker Violins is family?

From Eric on the phones or at the front desk, to Alya working on instruments, continuing with Stephanie re-stringing bows and beginning sculpting new instruments. Then there is Jennifer and you. We feel our customers are part of our family. We make music that fills the world together and makes it a little better place to be.